Sigma Lambda Gamma
National Sorority, Inc.
Illinois State U - Zeta Chapter

Fall 2017

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director


FALL 2016

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
  9. Managing Director


  1. Sisters Sonia and Selena at our National Convention!
  2. ISU Colony won Outstanding Colony of the Year! We are so proud of our entity!
  3. At our MGC Gala with our Cultural Awareness Award!
  4. Supporting our Graduating Sisters at the Latino Graduation Ceremony.
  5. Gammas win first place at MGC's First Stroll Competition!
  6. SP 16 Gammas and OPBs

FALL 2015

  1. This years Annual Pink Pong Tournament participants.
  2. FIRM FAM with the new Betas.
  3. S.R.L. CeniZas' one year GAMMAversary dinner with their DOP and ADOP.
  4. Gammas helping out Alumna Phantasia 'Estrella' at her Jump 4 Joy event.
  5. Insight to Success attendees.
  6. Puppy Chow and Oreo ball Bake Sale!
  7. Sisters ready for our Fall semester informational session.
  8. Study with the Gammas.
  9. S.R.L. CeniZas at Quad Jam.
  10. FIRM FAM at Black Student Union's Annual Quad Jam.
  11. "You Can't Rush Sisterhood"
  12. The Gammas with the new members of Sigma Lambda Beta.
  13. Active Members and Alumni participating in Panther Dash.
  14. A little friendly race between members.
  15. BBQ with Gammas.
  16. Gammas at the DAO's Kick off Que
  17. Gammas at Festival ISU.
  18. Members hosted a community service event where people got to write letters of encouragement to Breast Cancer patients.
  19. Homecoming 2015!
  20. Betas and Gammas at Homecoming 2015!
  21. Sisters hosted their annual Women of Distinction for Women Empowerment event.
  22. Our lovely speakers.


  1. S.R.L. CeniZas, Phoenix Founders II, coming out show.
  2. Gammas at DAO's Diversity Week 'Show Your True Colors' program.
  3. Gammas and Zetas at ALAS' 2016 Formal.
  4. Displaying our table at Redbird Ready.
  5. Sister Griselda 'Quetzalli' presenting her paper along with Alpha Psi Lambda member Emily at the Critical Media Literacy Conference.
  6. Sisters representing Sigma Lambda Gamma at the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute Conference.
  7. USHLI
  8. Sisters at ALAS' end of the year formal.
  9. Volunteering at ISU's Bring at Back to Normal Community Service event.
  10. Sisters supporting Tau Alpha Chapter's New Membership Showcase.
  11. Sisters Briana 'Nalaia' and Victoria 'Zekyrah' representing Sigma Lambda Gamma at the Impact Retreat.
  12. Gammas at 'Not in our Campus'
  13. Our signature 'Women of Distinction for Women Empowerment' event.
  14. Zetas and Sigmas supporting our Women Empowerment event.
  15. Gammas at our Alumni Ball 2015
  16. Members Alicia 'Saimara,' Sonia 'Kaleela,' and Ian representing Sigma Lambda Gamma at Leadershape.
  17. Sister Whitney 'Llarahí' our Spring 2015 graduate!
  18. National Retreat 2015
  19. Sister Selene 'Kailani' representing ISU at our National Retreat.
  20. Congratulations to our Sister Alicia 'Saimara' for being crowned Miss Black ISU 2015!
  21. SIster Yvette 'Veraluz' our Spring 2015 graduate!